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CCAC Bus-bar

Key Product Data

1. Cross-sectional ratio of cladding copper ranges from 15% - 30% (the standard cross-sectional ratio of cladding copper is 20%. Upon inquiry, any ratio could be made by special ordering).
2. Mass ratio of cladding copper ranges from 30% - 60% (the standard mass ratio of cladding copper is 45%).
3. Coating layer uniformity: The thinnest point > 90% of the average thickness of the cladding copper.
4. Straightness deviation ≤ 0.15%
5. Tolerance: Width ±0.3mm, thickness ±0.05mm
6. Interfacial bonding strength (shear strength) shall be great than the anti-shear strength of aluminum (50MPa ~ 80MPa under normal condition).
7. Shape: The side of the cross-section are rounded, R=1/2 thickness
8. Temper: Soft or hard
9. When bend the broad-side 90°,?the cladding copper shall exhibit no?crack,?the cladding copper?and the?aluminum s core shall not separate.
10. Surface: After sanding and polishing, no visible defects
11. Shipping condition: coated with anti-oxidant protection (lifespan under normal temperature conditions is over 1 year), wrapped with thin plastic insulating film.

Key CCAC Data:

The Standard Copper Layer Cross-Section Ratio ≥ 20%, Mass Ratio 45%.
1. DC Resistivity:0.0248 Ω·m
2. Current-Carrying-Capacity: Corresponds to 86% of copper bar
3. Elongation: 12% - 35%
4. Tensile Strength: 80MPa – 200MPa (depending on soft or hard state)
5. Density: 3.94g/cm3
6. Yield Stress: 44MPa-54MPa(soft), 152MPa-179MPa(hard)
7. Modulus of Elasticity: 71GPa
8. Thermal Conductivity: 0.58 cal/cm/sec/℃
9. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 22.5 ( 0-100℃ ppm)

Size and Parameter of CCAC Bus

1、Width(30mm-200mm):30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, >120mm
2、Thickness(3mm-15mm):3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, >12mm
3、Length:5.5 m (Cut-to-length is available) The standard length is 5.5m, by requirement. It also can be made as cut-to-length of 4m, 5m.

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