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Career at ACM

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ACM has been established for nearly twenty years. With innovative technology and brilliant ideas, ACM is a leading developer in the industry. ACM focuses on building an open corporate culture to spark innovation and to provide learning experiences and career development for our employees. We are always seeking talented individuals to help us move forward and advance our enterprise.

HR policy

ACM is committed to provide a good working environment and career advancement opportunities for our staff. We adhere to a people-oriented company culture and strive to provide the best environment of respect and appreciation for our employees, and opportunities for personal development and advancement.

Training program

For all of our employees, we provide internal training including: enrollment orientation, basic training, business training, and product knowledge training. Additionally, we always seek to develop the skills and competitive talents of our people by providing external training: occupation training, management skills, post occupation, work improvement, and more.

If you are interested in a career at ACM, please send your resume as an email attachment to:

If there is an opening, ACM management will contact you for further information.