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Technology Features

The key to CCAC

CCAC is increasingly being used in many industries around the world. The key to producing high-quality, high-performance CCAC is to have:
1. Solid and reliable metallurgical bonding formed at bimetallic interface.
2. Consistency and uniformity of cladding copper and aluminum core after deformation.
3. Excellent mechanical processing properties.
At ACM, we meet and exceed all three of the above qualities to produce the best CCAC available on the market

Characteristics of ACM Technology

The simple reason why our CCAC is so high quality is because of our technology. For over three years, we have researched, developed, and mastered the production of excellent CCAC to a fine art. Our innovative manufacturing process is a one-of-a-kind process that achieves continuous, short-flow, and high efficiency fabrication of CCAC products.

Using only the highest grade aluminum and copper, the component materials are carefully treated and cleaned to ensure consistency throughout the process. Our CCAC is then manufactured in an inert-gas, oxide-free environment to prevent oxidation at all steps of the process. Utilizing our specialized patented Isothermal Processing method, we are able to fully and metallurgically bond the layers together such that they will never separate and possesses a higher intrinsic bonding strength than pure aluminum itself. The copper cladding is permanently bonded and uniformly distributed around the core for effective heat dispersion.

Our production line is a short-flow, continuous production line that will produce constantly and automatically. The manufacturing process is fully controlled by an automation system that manages all factors and steps of production. This allows for consistent quality among all of our products. The entire process itself requires low energy consumption and is highly efficient, resulting in few waste products. The process adheres to global standards for green, eco-friendly manufacturing.

ACM owns US and PCT utility patents of the processing technology.

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