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Applied Composite Material Co. (ACM) is the world leading developer and innovator of composite materials. We specialize in copper clad aluminum composites (CCAC), a low-cost and lightweight replacement for traditional copper conductors. At ACM, we are firmly committed to developing new and improved manufacturing technology and producing the finest quality composite materials that provide solutions and savings for our customers.

With offices located on three different continents, ACM is prepared to meet the demands of the global market. Our main production factory is located in Hangzhou, China and covers a ground area of over 26,000 square meters. Our secondary auxiliary factory, covering 4,430 square meters, is committed to R&D. Our factories are equipped with world-class continuous production facilities for the mass production of a full line of CCAC busbars, strips, tubes, flat wires, wires, and profiles to meet a broad range of applications across the global market.

Our CCAC products have far-reaching application prospects in industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, electricity, and countless other industries. CCAC offers incredible versatility with its light weight, formability, and electrical and thermal conductivity that is on par with copper while being more affordable and cost-effective than pure copper.

Today, ACM is an industry pioneer that stands at the forefront of the market. We are innovators and researchers dedicated to developing new technologies and high-quality composite materials that solve the needs of our customers and of the global market. At ACM, our pride is our creative ingenuity and our business is building brilliance. We are driven to always do better and every day, we improve our technology, our business, and our products.